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  • Reclaim, Reuse, Rebirth

    End of life for one thing can often be the beginning of life for another. Among┬áthe Infernal Device crew, this has been an intentional thought in both design and execution. We are pleased to have been able to find many ways to put this in action. In addition to the main structural beams, which I […]

  • Sometimes an art installation is more than just a nail in the wall….

    Laying down the body of the device.. from YouTube This may look like the demise of the device, but it was just the beginning of the install at the museum. When you have a vision this large, it takes large equipment to get it moved. The Body had to be laid on its side in […]

  • Steampunk and Surrealism.. just go together

    Steampunk and Surrealism.. just go together

    If you’re not on my list of friends, or followers on any of my feeds. then chances are you are coming in for Artprize related things, have seen us on the news, or just stumbled upon this page – and you may not quite know what “steampunk” is. In a nutshell, Steampunk is a return […]

  • To the Wire

    To the Wire

    Racing against the clock, painting like mad. 5 days to go, counting today.

  • The story of the Beams

    The main structural support for the Device is a set of four 10 foot tall wooden beams. These are not just pieces of wood we found, the beams have a history and a tell a story of generations of a family. The corner beams were originally structural beams in a building in David’s grandfather’s local […]

  • New Video

    New Video

    This new video for our kickstarter and Artprize pages shows our piece in place on the river. Thee 3-D model and lighting for the model were done by Ben Amend (My nephew), and combined with a few days of work on my part, and the music of Vernian Process, it came together fairly well for […]

  • Myke Amend talks About The Device

    Myke Amend talks About The Device

    Myke put together this video last night for our kickstarter page, it explains the project, and how we’re going about this. He also does a (somewhat clumsy) demonstration of the device… due to how incredibly directional a blow-dryer is as source of wind. He manages to successfully target the device and pull it together in […]

  • The Dangerous Kitchen

    The Dangerous Kitchen

    (above: Myke Amend stands amidst a tight gathering of machines, hanging tools, sorted wood, and machine parts) One of several things we aim to fix along the way – we each have our own individual work spaces (some more cramped than others), and will definitely need one nice sized workspace near our venue for the […]

  • Welcome


    … to the new home of the art project “The Infernal Device” by Retrofuturist and Steampunk artist Myke Amend (painter, engraver, and woodworker), and Machine Sculptor Todd Cahill. This site will build and build as the Infernal Device project progresses, so please bookmark this site and come back again soon. Concept sketches will be available […]