Working Drive Train, waiting to be finished and installed:

The Infernal Device Crew worked through Labor Day weekend and made the local news:



Our Guest Appearance at Maker Faire Detroit:

The original promo video for the project and for our Kickstarter campaign:

Myke Amend talks about the device… and makes a somewhat clumsy demonstration

Todd Cahill:

Some videos of Todd Cahill and his remarkable steam machine sculptures.

Myke Amend

… These aren’t as stellar as Todd’s videos.  In the first video I am working on a mural, and I had no idea I was being filmed – else I would have ceased my perpetual gum chewing.

In the second, I filmed myself without the aid of a camera man just the other day.

The last video is not of *me*, but the performance at the BOB including the Gypsy Nomads, part of our ArtPrize project from last year: CirqueACirca … which was a learning experience for us as far as huge art competition goes. I plan to use that experience to give us a great run this year, from our having started incredibly early on ArtPrize, to seeking venues ASAP, and better still: benefiting from the experience of some of the Steampig Team.