Thank you so much for choosing to give our tremendous project a boost. As artists, we’d have a really hard time making these things happen without the help of people like you.

If you would like to help through purchasing some of our fine wares, or a direct donation, please scroll down to the fund-raising items we have available for sale.

There are many other ways to help our project – and please see the Support page if you are interested in being a part of this project n person through donation of time or donation of odds and ends you have on hand.

All of the items below help us out greatly – from direct donations to Tee shirt sales. Please consider picking one of these items up for you or for a friend, and Thank you,

-Myke Amend

Infernal Tee

The first of our limited Tee shirt designs, available for a very limited time (up to the initial build), marking stage one of the project.

These heavyweight cotton blend tagless tee shirts resist wrinkling and shrinking, read "Infernal Device -Infernal Crew", and are emblazoned with an airship engraving by Myke Amend on the back, and his concept draft of the Infernal Device on the front.

If you would like to see larger size versions of the front and back designs, you can see them here:

Please allow 5 business days for a shipping notification, as we like to handle all shipping on one big day of the week*.

*Out of stock shirts may be delayed by as much as 10 business days. Women's sizes are on pre-order. We will order them when we have enough total orders to justify a run, or at the end of July, whichever comes first. Once we start running out of a sizes, sale of these shirts will stop, and we'll make a final order to fill any outstanding orders. Our intent is to end up with zero surplus while filling all orders - and not to make people wait too long on their merch.

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Price: from $22.00


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Infernal Membership

.. and our infernal gratitude. For $100 (or more if you wish): your name high up on our list of contributors, our heartfelt thanks for keeping this project moving, plus initiation into the Conclave, our somewhat secret artists and team members discussion group, an invitation to a special "Members only" dinner on September 25th, a special tee-shirt (hand-delivered or mailed on the day of this gathering).


"Pulvis Solaris was the chemical arcanum that represented spirit. The "Powder of the Sun" was a mixture of two powders, Black Solaris and Red Solaris. Combining black antimony with sulfur auretum made Black Pulvis Solaris. Black antimony was a common sulfide of antimony, now known as stibnite. The mineral was smelted and ground fine. Pure sulfur auretum, or "golden sulfur," was made by adding sulfuric acid to a dried mixture of sodium carbonate, sulfur, lime, and antimony. The reaction gave off hydrogen sulfide gas, while the sulfur auretum precipitated to the bottom of the container. Red Pulvis Solaris was made by combining sulfur auretum with a compound of mercury known as red mercuric oxide. Egyptian alchemists associated the serpent with the red mercuric oxide and referred to Red Pulvis Solaris as Pulvis Serpentum. Later alchemists became convinced that Red Pulvis Solaris was indeed the powder of projection that would enable them to transform virtually anything into pure gold"

Without the toxic materials and bi-product, this is not too far from what we aim to achieve: Turning scrap metals and discarded relics into something prized, valuable, remarkable.

This is your chance to effect a remarkable change in these materials, and in the world, while gaining some well-deserved recognition in the process.

For $5 (or more if you please), we'll add your name to our list of associates, for $10 we'll add your link, noting your participation in this daring and ambitious project. This product is a great chance to get advertising here for a remarkably low investment.

For a donation of $375 or more, in needed parts, services, gift certificates, or money, we can add your graphical banner to our site, and to our promotional materials, and to our on-site banners at events such as Artprize, Maker Faires, and whatever other festivals and conventions have us as guests in the upcoming year.

Note: We reserve the right to refund your purchase if we feel that associating with your company will not be in our best interest. Donations from groups that we feel endorse hateful speech, extreme political agendas, or simply causes that we are morally opposed to will not be accepted.

Infernal Crew Patch

Not for the eye - this one goes on a sleeve, pants leg, or backpack. It is made of genuine black fabric, and silk-screened by hand, each one slightly unique.

Show your support for the Infernal Device ArtPrize build and become a part of our crew. Fasten it with stitches, or safety pins. Accessorize with a barrel of grog, or a colorful parrot for the perfect work outfit.

Patch size is 4.5 inches by 4 inches.

Price: $4.00


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The Machine Limited Edition 48×24 inch giclee

Only one of these is available at this price. Once it sells, price returns to normal. I am raising money for some added last minute needed things... primer, lumber, brushes, etc... Regular price is $475 - I am offering this one for $325

**Ships Rolled Outside of the US, stretched and Mounted Inside of the US**

This is the second painting in the strange-fiction steampunk art series \"Airships and Tentacles\" wherein the works of, concepts of, and influences from Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft intermingle.

The image was commissioned for Josh Pfeiffer of Vernian Process, and it includes the HMS Gadreel above an icy sea investigating a strange and perhaps long-forgotten and possibly alien craft. Ghostly figures twist and turn within the mists, clouds, icebergs, and waves.

These 50 giclees are printed in Epson Ultra Chrome k3 archival inks on high-quality 350 g/m2 gloss canvas. They are uv-sealed for a longevity of about 200+ years, hand-signed, and gallery-wrapped. They are documented with a hologrammed and serialized certificates of authenticity from Hahnemuhle, with a matching hologram affixed to the work.

Price: $425.00


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Infernal Crew Sew-on Patch

Printed on heavyweight black fabric, to be sewn or safety pinned on to sleeves, bags, or other.

Show your support of this project, get a cool patch for your jacket or bag.

4.5 inches by 4.5 inches

Old Price: $6.00

Price: $4.00

You save: $2.00


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