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What is this ArtPrize?

ArtPrize is the nation’s largest open-entry Fine Art competition, held annually in Grand Rapids Michigan. In its third year, this year’s event will be held from 2011- September 21st through October 9th

“Designed as a very different art competition, the goal is for the general public and artists to collide, exchange ideas and come away changed.”

We would love it if you voted for us, but our primary goal is to make a spectacular and awe-inspiring work art, and a part of this incredible and festive Grand Rapids art event. We hope that, whether you are our neighbors, or coming in from abroad, that our exhibit will be a memorable part of the many great experiences to be had in Grand Rapids’ beautiful and artfully designed downtown area. Our goal is to kindle imaginations and to spark wonder in the hearts of old and young alike with our retro-future approach at this year’s entry.

Our voting ID and ArtPrize Profile Information are forthcoming (Artprize has not yet begun for this year)


This is the sort of art event that kids will love; No shushing needed, and food and drinks are available and allowed most everywhere. Kids can be kids in a festive and lively environment while taking in all of the exhilarating sights, sounds, and culture ArtPrize has to offer.


As with the last two years, there will be many, many people enjoying Grand Rapid’s scenic downtown area this year. So that you can best enjoy the many thousands of works of art, the beautiful riverside parks, the historic buildings, wonderful tastes and sounds, we *highly* recommend that you do so on foot as much as possible so as not to miss a thing.

If you cannot shuttle or cab it to downtown this year, parking can be found in and around downtown, with one of the best parking areas being the multi-level parking on Scribner (under highway 131) next to the Gerald R Ford Museum.

We want your experience to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Below is our list of the best ways to get around!

Map of Artprize venues and Exhibits (will update when this year’s ArtPrize is near)

Plan your trip online at according to what you’d like to see. Be sure to also plan for some of the great food to be found along the way. We have many great restaurants downtown, worth marking on your map regardless of art displays. If you are coming from out of town, please be sure to check ArtPrize’s useful links for visitors. Also, an ArtPrize Map can be found at any of the voting registration locations.

Click here for the FULL ARTPRIZE BOUNDARY MAP on Google.


Take in some of that clean West Michigan air and stretch those legs while exploring at a comfortable pace; You’ll to see more, and find many gems you would have missed by car or by bus.


There are several bike routes into the city, and many dedicated bike paths off of the road (Rockford residents can take the White Pine Trail to Grand Rapids for example). Bike parking is much easier to find, and leaves you free to explore by foot or by public transit.

Grand Rapids Biking Maps:
Bikely: You can share your ArtPrize route on Bikely with others and give tips on the best routes.


ArtPrize wristbands get you FREE transit on The Rapid or the ArtPrize Art Bus for the entire length of ArtPrize! You can buy a Wristband at the voter registration sites, the Hub (The Old Federal Building) and all Exhibition Centers. Last year An ArtPrize Wristband with an ArtPrize Map was only $5.00 & it was $15.00 with the Guide Book. It should be around the same great deal this year. We’ll keep you posted.


The Rapid is Grand Rapids fast and friendly public transit system, with many buses and routes available:
The Rapid trip planning for ArtPrize:
Enter “AP” into the A or B fields to view ArtPrize locations.

Full Rapid Routes and Maps:
Own a Smartphone? Mobile version:


In addition to The Rapid you can use your wristband to ride the ArtPrize bus. More ArtPrize Bus information/Map:

View ArtPrize Shuttle Stops in a larger map


Rickshaws were available last year, and should be available this year as well. We’ll post more about that as the event nears.



Week 1: Sept. 21-midnight Sept. 28th: Vote for as many artists as you like in the first week
Week 2: Vote for ONE of the top ten artists through Midnight October 5th.

You can register to vote online: To activate your voting status, come in to one of the voting registration stations to show your ID.

*Or* You can simply register and activate your voting status all at once in person at any of the registration locations).

If you already registered last year, you are still in the ArtPrize system. Simply log in at and reactivate your profile. You will still need to visit one of the registration stations and show your ID to be reactivated as a voter for 2011.

Why do I need to go to the registration center if I’m already pre-registered? This ensures that you are (hopefully) actually at the event and viewing artwork. It helps to keep the event fair, and to keep people from voting online for something they haven’t seen, and without having seen the competing works. More Voting FAQs.

You can vote online, via SMS or Apple iPhone application.
Hopefully ArtPrize will support Android or Blackberry smartphones this year as well. If ArtPrize has begun, and you do not see a link for Android or Blackberry apps here, please contact us – we may be able to dig one up for you, and would appreciate the reminder.

More Information on How to Vote.


Your vote matters. Be a part of art history. One of many wonderful things about this event that it offers a rare chance for the public to really influence the face of the art world. Sure, we’d love it if you vote for us, but only if you feel we’ve provided you with the most. We’d love it if you just vote, and greatly appreciate your visit to our lovely and thriving city.


Art Prize 2011 – The Official Site of the ArtPrize event.

These links will build as ArtPrize progresses. Any other tips you know of we haven’t listed here? Please let us know and we’ll get them up here! [contact form]

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