The Lab

We now have a space to build, thanks goes out this week to Van’s Delivery Service, our also friends at Lohre and Associates, and owner Chuck Lohre – who is also principal of the Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy, and board member of ReSource,Greater Cincinnati Earth Coalition, and Form Follows Function… companies very relevant to our interests.

The workshop is the perfect size, and just perfect for our needs. Even better, we’ll be near a metal fabricator, near an iron works, and near multiple scrap yards. With on-site access to fork lifts and welding facilities, 2.8 miles up the road from our desired venue/build space, there could not be a better match.

We plan to be there every day from now until Artprize, except for the special events such as the grill out Meet and Greet at Ted and Kate’s (Sunday August 21st – 1537 Fulton Street East, Grand Rapids MI – 4PM to 8PM Details/RSVP here: )

If you would like to find it via GPS, put in 2474 Turner Avenue NW Grand Rapids MI (or you can enter “Walker MI”) and enter the nearest drive, We are on the inner side of that building, our shop is currently marked by two bright orange buckets.

Map to Our Lab
Come in three drives after Van's (five drives after Greybar Electric) and go behind the long building. 2474 is where you'll find the drive. Look for the sign that says "Jarob". We are between the second and third loading bays on that building

Right now, Myke and Beth don’t have guaranteed transportation down until 5PM, so we’ll be there from 5PM till 10PM at least, though the plan is to be there *much* longer on weekends and whenever else permitted. Please check the facebook page ( ) to see when we are down there, every day we are will be considered an open house, so please drop in.

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