The infernal crew greatly appreciates your help, and there is a lot we may be able to do for you in return (aside from building one fantastic project, and all the fun to be had at our meetups and fundraisers) – from our eternal gratitude, to utilizing our abilities to benefit your company, to giving you limited memorabilia in return for cash donations.

Store: All sales through our store, including donations are Processed Securely Offsite by Paypal. You do not need to have a paypal account to use your credit card, and all information is handled safely by the world’s most well-known name in online processing. We see only that your payment has been made, what was purchased, and of course your name and mailing address.

Sponsorship: You can contact us with offers or inquiries through our Contact Form here: We can offer in return: Links to your site, banner ads, blog postings and other social media traffic building, your logo on our promotional merchandise, signage and collateral materials, or just a momentous undertaking worth boasting about your participation to the press. We are of course also open to your own ideas about how we can help each other.

Some of the items, services, or other assistance we need:

WorkSpace: Thank you Van’s delivery for furnishing us with the workspace we need for the Grand Rapids phase of the build.

Tools: I blew up the charger for my 18v Porter Cable tool set on August 18th. We also need access to a mig welder, maybe a tig – and we could really use some paint sprayers (as well as some people to help paint).

Parts: Most immediate needs are some sheets of plywood and some 2x4s, as well as some kilz exterior oil based primer. For aesthetic touches, we’re also looking for things that are vintage, sturdy, and in their own way pretty – things from that age where engineering and art were as one (which is a common theme pulling our work together).  We’ve looked at decorative iron signposts, old emergency sirens, bits of old phonographs, vents for old ships – we’ve had donated to us parts for old Model A Fords, and bits of old farm equipment… to name a few things. If you have some chunk of metal taking up space in a barn, garage, or field- if you have an assortment of unused gears and pulleys – or anything else you’d like to see as art: we *may* be able to use it – and would certainly appreciate a photo or some other way to give it a look.

PR/Media Contacts/Awareness: If you’d like to trade, or if you run a PR/advertising firm and think you can give us a hand, we could use your services.. and maybe you could use ours. Our project is an *excellent* media opportunity for anyone involved in salvage, green energy, the arts, and many other markets. If you can think of a way we can help each other, please do contact us.

Helpers: We could most definitely use your help – online, in the workshop, or on the street. If you are up to posting links, tweeting, tumbling, or passing out fliers on our behalf – we welcome you and will certainly appreciate your help. We could also use some people to be at our warehouse greeting and talking to people, as well as people to organize events, or just some good old hands on help/

Advertising on our site: We plan to get a *lot* of traffic during the artPrize competition, and plan to distribute lot of promotional materials. We are more than happy to help out with a banner, relevant blog post, or logo placement on our materials in appreciation for your company’s assistance. Please contact us for details.

Merchandise: Through the season, we’ll be selling tee shirts, posters and other goods in order to support our project. Several opportunities are there already in our store. Most of these items will be of limited availability, or only available for a limited time – and are a great chance to show that you were a part of this monumental artistic happening.

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