… to the new home of the art project “The Infernal Device” by Retrofuturist and Steampunk artist Myke Amend (painter, engraver, and woodworker), and Machine Sculptor Todd Cahill.

This site will build and build as the Infernal Device project progresses, so please bookmark this site and come back again soon.

Concept sketches will be available shortly before or after our tour at the World Steam Expo (Memorial Day Weekend 2011), scale models of our project, as well as videos of the team in action will probably appear around that time as well.

For now, this site serves to familiarize you with the artists involved, to give you a feel for their previous and current works, and hopefully to inspire you to become a part of our project through donations of parts, supplies, or change – or through simply spreading the word.

Machine Crafter Todd Cahill
Retrofuture builder Todd Cahill with some of his extraordinary contraptions

Thank you for visiting – We hope you enjoy your stay.

– The Infernal Team