Team members and sponsors needed. Join the Infernal Crew!

Team members and sponsors needed. Join the Infernal Crew!

We have 24 days to go before our set up for Artprize at the Gerald R Ford Museum, and we have a lot of work  to do.

Just how big this project is, from the wind collector built by Todd Cahill, to the structure being built in Kokomo Indiana by David Braun of Cogbots, to the huge drum being built to support the mural, to the mural itself is astounding – and then there are all of those less visible but equally important parts needed to keep this project going and to make it a success… transportation, shipping, supplies, extra hands to move the big parts around, lay down primer and paint, brushes, rollers, sprayers, and so many other things – and we would really love to have you on board for this project.

We could really use some added artists and painting help – people who can fill in color, or detail on the big drum – a 3 month project that will have 23 days from start to finish – and we need your help at whatever your comfort level is with painting. Myke would be happy to have you, and happy to lend pointers, tips, and insight where and when requested.

We also need painters on standby for when the outer structure arrives from Kokomo Indiana, as well as set/stage design enthusiasts to help us transform this thing into the Steampunk aesthetic with bits of slavaged brass, copper, and various vintage bits. We are incredibly fortunate to have paint donated by Repcolite paints, and more on the way from DickBlick – but people to help put the paints onto the exhibit would be an incredibly helpful part of this exhibit.

As much as any of these – added hands would be greatly appreciated. Myke has a three person job going down at the warehouse provided by Van’s Delivery Service. On the better days he has help, but there are many hours where an added hand to lift a big part or steady a beam would be incredibly helpful if not essential.

Street teamers, or just a person or two to man the art show/exhibit/merch table at the build site, meeters and greeters would be especially helpful also.

And we still have room for a few sponsors: This project turned out to be way more expensive than anticipated, and we have all been working out of pocket for over a month now. Myke has been scraping change for odd parts and supplies and gas on his end, and we are coming up on a point where we’ll need funds to move the huge structure from Indiana, as well as funds to get Todd Cahill and Amy Kinsch out here for Artprize, as well as finding a place to stay for all 4 of the out of town artists for their time here.

We could use sponsorship in the form of , of course, cash donations to keep the project going and on track, but also gift cards for building supplies and tools or tool rentals, gas, caffeine, red bull, ice, other odds and ends  – from travel agencies or airlines for getting Todd and Amy out here. Donations are being taken by the Kokomo Arts Association (a 501(c)3)  for “the infernal device project”

Purchases of T-shirts, coloring books, prints, original artworks would be greatly appreciated; Some of these things are available here online – all are available at our warehouse – and open houses are every day from 5 to 10 PM for anyone who would like to see the project, grab some merch, lend some support, or lend a helping hand.

Our Warehouse is at 2474 Turner Avenue NW, a stone’s throw from the Deltaplex. Come in at the blue “Jarob” sign, go past the second ramp, and look for the orange buckets marking our lot. If the doors are closed, look for the Infernal Device sign on the door – if they are open, just look for the large wooden drum in the garage bay.