Gaining Steam

Our Kickstarter has started to pick up in activity over the past few days, and though we’re at about 2% with 40 out of 45 days to go, the chart is looking rather parabolic in its beginnings which has us feeling pretty optimistic about the monumental undertaking ahead of us.

If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, they are *the* platform for launching and funding creative projects. Money is only donated if and when the artists reach their goals, meaning that investors can be certain that either the project *will* happen, or the funds are returned to the investors. It is an all or nothing deal for both sides involved.

In addition to being a part of art history in the making, donors get the added benefit of rewards offered by the artists in return for donations. Ours range from heartfelt thanks, to signed fine art prints by Myke Amend, tee shirts, official sponsorship status, and so much more.

Much thanks goes out to Overflow Cafe, Guy Cox, Amanda Young, Dana Young, Megan Brown, Mr. Shreck, Mrs. Shreck, Chris Baar, and several anonymous donors. We are grateful, and proud that you chose to be a part of this project.

We’d also like to thank Pamela of Totus Mel Tats, who in addition to being a core member of the Etsy Steam Team, runs the arts and crafts blog and feature spot Wunderkammer.

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to thank One Girl’s Treasure Eclectic and Fashionable Resale, a vintage and used fashion reseller on Lyon street in Grand Rapids’ beautiful downtown area, who in addition to being a great venue for emerging and experienced artists alike, also backed Cirque A Circa for last year’s ArtPrize event.

Victorian Lace
Victorian Lace: The intricate tatted stylings of Totus Mel, available on Etsy
One Girls Treasure
One Girls Treasure: Fashionable Resale in Grand Rapids Michigan