Gearing up for The World Steam Expo

Gearing up for The World Steam Expo

(above: “Frenchy and the Punk” photo credit: Frank Siciliano)

Less than two months away, on Memorial Day weekend, is the World Steam Expo in Dearborn Michigan, and we very are pleased to have this rare gem right here in our corner of the states.

A fantastic time was had last year, and we are sure this year will be just as good, if not even greater.

This is one of the very best steampunk, neovictorian, and retrofuturist expositions in the World, and Myke Amend will be setting up shop in the Vendor’s Room again this year. In addition, The Gypsy Nomads (Now Frenchy and the Punk), who you hopefully got to see at The BOB during last year’s Artprize, will be performing again – as will Steampunk greats Abney Park, the ClockWork Dolls, and the Extraordinary Contraptions…  And.. And… Well, you get our point: It is going to be an off the hook, incredible event.

Most importantly – If you are looking for a good time and want to meet the people behind our art project, well you could do no better than to come out during the Expo this year.

Pre-Registration (buying your passes online) is only $40 for all four days ($10 a day), and available through April 15th at the World Steam Expo web site.